Announcements for embedded computer

“Qseven was defined from scratch for mobile and embedded computer carries no old legacy interfaces,” Eder continues. “The maximum power consumption for Qseven is defined at 12 W – the first definition for COM Express defined a 188 W maximum – this example clearly shows the thinking behind the specification.”

“If it is a mobile application with low to medium computing performance requirements, then Qseven is the right choice,” says Christian Eder, Marketing Manager at congatec AG headquartered in Deggendorf, Germany ( “Medical systems typically require embedded computer special functionalities such as ultrasonic control or high levels of isolation in order to protect patients in case of a malfunction. Standard SBCs typically do not feature that. The logical consequence is to create a custom carrier board that takes all specific functionalities and complete it with a standard COM. Once this combination is certified, it is quite easy to upgrade or scale to other CPUs while the certification remains or just needs to be updated. This provides a lot of freedom to choose the best-fitting CPU and graphics for a given application.”

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