New regulation standards and form factors for embedded industry

To help embedded computer and OEMs meet extreme requirements for vibration, temperature, or other harsh environmental conditions, memory suppliers offer manufacturing advancements such as side retainer clips to ruggedize DDR3 SODIMM modules. These universally adaptable clips can be easily implemented on a variety of applications. In the embedded computer recent past, designers typically were limited to weaker, commercial-grade retainer clips to keep memory modules in place. Under certain conditions, these retainers can pop open and result in system-level failures. Other alternatives that involve mounting holes require significant modification to the mainboard, frequently resulting in a nonstandard COTS-based design that does not adequately address the problem.

All of these systems needed a small form factor, extremely rugged DDR3 module. This standard relieves designers from the former limitations of commercial-grade products that required soldering, straps, glue, or tie-downs to secure the module.

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